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I am an authentic, humble, and vibrant content creator from Tyler, TX. I have a background in athletics and I pride myself in my abilities to work on, and contribute to successful projects. I am a selfless individual who finds pure joy in being involved with a group that is working on projects with purpose. I am a honest storyteller with an outgoing personality and an attentive eye for detail to create a factual and unique story. I am constantly looking for avenues to elevate my craft. I started photography and videography at a young age and began constructing my portfolio throughout high school, college, and my young professional career. As a graduate of Texas Christian University (TCU), I currently own and operate an LLC where I have freelanced nationwide. Not only do I capture memories with my photography, but I also bring stories to life through my videography. I received my first camera at the age of 16, shortly after a sports injury and quickly came to the realization that this was my calling in life. I consider myself a unicorn in the industry. I was able to take my passion for sports and turn it into a desire to capture any and everything through my lens. 




For any questions, please navigate to my Bookings page! 


Fort Worth Camera Ambassador 

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